Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Cocktails

   SAKI BOMB!!!!!!

        My son and I have an annual cocktail party just before Christmas, a kind of stress reliever before the holiday.   This year apparently, the theme drink was a "Saki Bomb"!  Not my idea, but, one of my friends brought the fixins in for this wicked, wicked drink....  Now, you may ask, what is in a saki bomb??  By the way, I always thought saki was spelled sake... they must have changed the spelling over the years, because I KNOW I could not be mistaken...  Once again, I digress, what is in a Saki Bomb you ask?  Well, it is actually an extremely easy drink to make, one large glass, one bottle of light colored beer ( pale ale, any domestic non-dark beer) and a shot glass of saki.  Fill the glass with beer ( just like a boiler maker or a JagBomb) and then drop the shot glass of saki into the beer.  Makes for a strong beer...NOT that I was foolish enough to succumb to its wicked delights.  Nope, I stuck with rum... As in, Mohitos and Pina Coladas.  Of course, the was the pre-emptive Mumosa with my cleaning and hourse de ourves making friend... and then of course there is always a need for a Midori Melon Ball to end the evening... Needless to say, I awoke the next morning with a slight headache, but, the best part was, in my semi-drunken stupor, I had cleaned up the mess!!  So, I didn't even have a messy kitchen to look forward to cleaning!  SAKI BOMB!!!   I think this should be a victory cry for me, or at the very least, a battle cry...

    Christmas, to me is always one of my very favorite times of the year.  A time to visit with old friends and new, to reminisce over the past year, with the opportunity for much laughter, or tears or a bit of both.  I especially enjoy the church at this time of the year, the music festivals, and the programs.  Our church does a walk through Bethlehem every year at this time.  One year, my son and I participated in the Bethlehem village, that was a real treat.  We pretended we were a family in Bethlehem and talked about our daily lives, and what all that entailed.  Out in the market place we had a bread maker hidden in the wings, so at the bread vendors there was the authentic aroma of bread baking, it permeated the entire hall.  Wonderful smell!  Along the street of  our "Bethlehem", we had vendors selling flowers, grinding wheat, and barley, selling nuts, ( almonds) and fruits ( dates and figs),  selling oils,  the bread makers, our home, and then off to the other side, there was an encolsure filled with sheep ( even a brand new baby sheep, it was darling~!)  There was a manger filled with straw and somehow our parish ed driector had persuaded a family with a new baby to participate, and there was a baby lying in her mother's arms near the manger all dressed in clothing we attribute to ancient times.  It seemed magical, we were seemingly transported to Bethlehem the night of Jesus birth!  This walk through Bethlehem is one experience I would like to remember forever!  Today is another walk through "Bethlhem" I can't wait to see what surprises are in store for us!
     It was so beautiful this morning wandering out of my warm house into the snow...  I don't like the cold, but, always marvel at the seeming miracle of the falling snow.  The horses blanketed in winter white, waiting patiently for me to feed them.  The ducks quacking noisily in order to hurry me up with their feed and warm water.  One of the ducks, Edgar (it looked like) made the trek through the snow to the front of the house, seeking his pail of warm water, I hadn't gotten to that part yet, so he trudged back to his snug little coop and then waited for me to bring him his warm water.  It was so funny, he not only drank his fill of water, but then, climbed into the bucket, and stood there, just warming his feet.  I was picturing this look of complete rapture crossing his face as he climbed into that warm water, probably the same look I have as I step into a hot bath after freezing my tookus off outside on those bitterly cold nights.

   Today, we are going to completely immerse our minds in Christmas movies beginning with " Its a Wonderful Life", and then perhaps " White Christmas" followed by " The Polar Express" "A Christmas Story", and "Elf".  I am not sure if we will have time for any other Christmas movies, but, we should be completely tanked with good cheer with all that happy together time, my son and I.
  Hope everyone of my reader's week is filled with glad tidings and good cheer ( perhaps some egg nog or wassail to boot!).   Blessings on you all!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


    Christmas is always full of surprises, both good and bad.   The bad surpise this year so far, was that Tommy our kitten decided the Christmas tree was his new best play toy.  He climbed it and jumped for the decorations,  and the most fun of all, managed to tip it!  Not once, but, twice and the little dickens has been going for the third time!   This is a fake tree!  Of course I am most happy it is an artificial tree, because I can't even imagine cleaning up the mess a real tree would have made being tipped,   TWICE...
    Tommy is a rare treat though, he is full of mischief ( as most kittens are, ) but, he is also one of the most happy and affectionate cats I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  A flame point Siamese color, Tommy has the traditional blue eyes, and he as a tiny baby appeared to be white.   I was hesitant in taking Tommy home because of the white with blue eyes thing... Most of the cats I have encountered with this coloring are deaf,  I didn't want another special needs critter added to our menagerie...  Obviously, Tommy can hear, and quite well also,  he always hears a door opening into an area he ISN'T supposed to be in... this of course is an invitation for him to enter said room, unnoticed, until 5 minutes after you close the door to that room ( the spare bedroom, for instance).   Then the typical earsplitting Siamese yowl breaks forth,  this sound is quite loud and entirely unappealing, hence, one rushes to the closed door to let small kitten out of where ever he has gotten himself locked into.  He has trained me well...  
       Tommy loves to snuggle though, and burrow his face into whatever crevice he can find, which is quite a shock at 3 am when his cold wet feeling nose tries to find its way into the crook of my elbow or my armpit,  I can lie awake for hours following one of those little Tommy treats...
   Tommy is bigger  than our mini Dachschund Bailey now, it is rather entertaining to watch him lie in wait for her to come bouncing across the floor.  His chief delight is in being able to pounce upon said doggie and scare the bejeebers out of her!   Of course, Bailey retaliates, and so the game is on!  One chasing the other, until the opportunity appears for the chased to become the chaser!  Hours and hours of entertainment for my son and I, just sayin...

   Taz, our other cat, is much too dignified to openly play like Tommy does, but still loves the occasional snuggle as long as it is on his terms.   He is the embodiment of the "Cats have servants" cliche`...
    Taz is far more tolerant of unusual procedure though, we have had to vacuum both cats in the past few weeks ( don't even ask why...) and Taz was quite quiet ( type that three times quickly...), and easy to handle during that ordeal, he only tried to take a swipe at the vacuum itself, not my hands or Matthew's, I was impressed.  Tommy, on the other hand was a spitting demon,  he tore my hands up and managed to escape several times.  I hope I never have to vacuum a cat again...

   The tree,... our tree is many years old, I got it back in the early 1990's, but, it still looks quite elegant, especially with the LED lights on it.  We wisely chose to put only the unbreakable ornaments on the tree this year along with the candy canes that slowly disappear throughout the season, I wonder where they go??  My son, of course, would never eat our tree decorations,  or would he??  I digress,   Tommy chose to test the ability for curiousity to try to kill the cat... he bit into the light string,  I heard this enormous yelp, and looked over at the tree, kitten is streaking out from under said tree, but lights are still working, he must have just gotten a small zinger, hopefully, he has learned his lesson, the pretty lights are NOT edible.
   It is so nice to have timers for our decorations, they are some of  the best inventions  ( they don't top hot running water, that is my all time favorite!)   It is a pleasure to get up in the morning to have the tree pop on with its beautiful lights, so we can enjoy said lights as we are preparing for work and school, then they pop off around 8:30, so we don't use unneeded electricity when we aren't there to enjoy the  show anyway.   At 4:30 our tree lights come on again, and stay that way until 10:30, we don't have to worry about unplugging the tree or forgetting the lights on, I love being able to simplify my life!

    We attempted to decorate our chicken coop this year so that it resembles a little gingerbread house, we like how it turned out, and have had comments from our friends driving by how cute it looks.  One of our chickens Saffron, apparently doesn't like it, she insists on going into the old coop and roosting there.  Every night, part of my night time chore ritual is to go into the old coop and hand carry Saffron ( She is a Buff Orpington), into our little " gingerbread" chicken coop.  Once again, another critter, that has me ( and my son ) trained really well.
   I must be fairly easy to train, because our ducks also have my number...  When the cold set in this fall, I started bringing out warm water outside for the chickens and the ducks,  I would set it down on the ground near the porch, so they could drink and dabble in relative safety in the porch lights.  Now, I no sooner open the coop door ( on my way to feed horses) than the ducks head with distinct purpose up to the porch and practically yell for their warm water ( this water job is at the end of my morning chores, I being graviationally challenged, always spill and have no desire to start my chores in wet clothing...),   If you haven't ever heard a duck yell, just come on over to our house about 6 am...
    I am truly thankful for the blessings I have in my life, my furry and feathered friends, my human friends, and the life I have!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Epitaph for Robbie

Little Robbie adopted us 4 weeks, ago. A small straggly, sickly young cat. He was scared to death of the dogs, but, loved people. Robbie used to rub and rub and rub his body against us when he walked near one of us. Beautiful Siamese coloring with the gorgeous blue eyes, Robbie imeediately made himself at home within our house, with absolutely no intention of ever going outside again. Robbie did not like being inside a kennel and although his protests were mostly quiet, the skin taken off his nose by constantly pressing it against the bars told the story of his unhappiness. We had decided that Robbie would be a permanent member of our household, and set forth to get him checked out by a vet and do all the necessary vaccinations needed to make him a healthy, much loved cat. First on the list during his exam was a feline leukemia test, as that was being done, the examination showed many of Robbie's teeth were missing, not a good sign. We also brought our other kitten Tommy for his exam and vaccinations. Tommy's leukemia test was negative, but, sadly Robbie tested positive for feline leukemia, and we made the very tearful decision to put Robbie to sleep. We can only rest assured that the last 4 weeks of his life, he knew he was much loved with a warm place to sleep whenever he wanted to.
RIP Robbie, we will miss you. See you in heaven!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I thought today would be a great day for me to think of the millions of things I have in this world to be thankful for:
Starting off this list is my thankfulness that I am back to work and that I have a good job to go back to. I truly love my job, and am so thankful for the many jobs I have had that led me to this career choice. I have been a surgical technologist for more than 20 years now, and it just seems like yesterday that I was working in a bar, saying to myself, " I sure don't want to be doing this for the rest of my life". I won't be, perhaps, I might work as a bartender when I retire, just for a " fun job".

I am so thankful that I wasn't injured any worse than I was this summer, and I am thankful that a knowledgeable health-care person was riding with me. Thanks Jen!! I am also thankful to Jennifer and her husband Russ for taking me to the emergency room, and home again, then taking me to my CT Scan the next day, and for getting me a shower that night BEFORE driving me into North Memorial hospital the following day for my surgery. THEN, taking me home! Now, that is a friendship!!! These are the type of friends I like to have in my life. I have many friends, who are there at the drop of a hat, to lend a hand, offer support, both emotional and physical.

I am grateful for my friends, they were there when I had to call on them. Anywhere from taking some of my horses off my hands while I was recovering, to helping me with my fences and making my yard and home presentable.

I have this terrific farrier, that I absolutely adore, he is the greatest guy, never has an unkind word about anyone, and he really did me some kindness this summer!! He has not had an easy life, but, he is there when the chips are down.

I am truly thankful for HOT running water... I think about this as I am outside doing chores in the cold rain, I can always go inside and step into the hot shower!!! It keeps me warm as I am freezing my fingers off!

My wonderful son has another top spot on my gratefulness list. He is so kind, considerate, sensitive, helpful and giving. I can only hope to emulate him someday. He was my rock this summer, when I needed someone to help me go to the bathroom, get into bed, get dressed and even to get out of bed. He brought me food and fed me when I didn't have any ability to feed myself ( not that I needed food, I could survive at least a month on my reserves...), he got my medicines in order ( with help from Jen) and made sure I didn't take them too often ( he is very good at watching the clock), so I didn't end up like Anna Nicole... Poor kid had to learn how to hook and unhook a bra...( I wasn't sure I really wanted him to find out how to do that at age 11...)

I am thankful for my family who has come through for me many times over the years. I pray that we can all stay close-knit through the many years to come.

I am thankful for my mentors with my beekeeping endeavors, they helped me when I needed it from answering inane questions, to checking my bees when I couldn't lift the boxes. I learned so much under their tutelage, and look forward to many more years of learning and friendship!

I am grateful for my trainer, for taking Sahib at a moments notice, and giving him another 30 days to try and find if he had a problem ( other than his person not paying attention to the signals he was trying to give them), and for her encouragement when it came time for me to climb aboard a horse again, it is funny, after 40 plus years of riding, I lost my nerve when I got hurt this time...

I am so thankful for a healthy herd of mostly geriatric horses, I am grateful I have had Coni in my life for the past 29 years, and Shom for the past 21, these horses have taught me so much and been there for me through thick and thin ( mostly thick I think...). I look forward to havnig horses in my life hopefully, for the rest of my life.

I am thankful I have a banker who gives me a hay loan each fall, so I don't have to struggle to find a way to pay my hay guy. I have worked hard to develop a relationship with my hay people, and like to be able to count on a quality product, because they know I am a good costumer.

I am grateful for the ability to read, so that I could enjoy the Twilight series, over and over and over...Go Team Edward!!!!!

I am thankful I had Gary, my Pekin duck in my life, no matter how brief that time seemed to me, he was such a character, I loved him dearly and know he is over the Rainbow Bridge with all the other much loved pets in our lives.

I am thankful that God smiled on me when this property came available to purchase back in 1997, without that purchase I would not be where I am today, a homeowner with a terrific child, 3 entertaining cats, 5 happy-go-lucky dogs, 10 contented horses, 4 independent ducks and 12 endearing chickens!

Thank you also, to those of you who read my ramblings, sometimes, I write to entertain, sometimes to enlighten, sometimes to vent, but always to be read ( even if only by me!!!)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

True scary Halloween story

I have been meaning to put this to a web page for quite some time, but, it is so scary to me, that I have a difficult time thinking about it, hence it hasn't appeared in the written format.
This is a true story and scary enough that no embellishments are needed.

The Lonely Road

Many years ago, I used to take a short cut to the job I worked at in town. This short cut involved several miles of gravel roads with no houses for miles. I traveled this road many times without incident, even to the point of getting a flat tire on the most deserted portion of this road, and having to walk the 3 miles back home.
Strangely, one fall, I started to discover this eerie feeling whenever I found the need to take this " short cut" at night. Like something was there, watching me, waiting for me to have to stop and pull over in the darkest, most deserted portion of that road.
The road is just like any other gravel road, but, at one point it meanders through this swampy area, and it is there the road is also at its lowest point, so it is often covered by wisps of fog.
The swampy area is where I found myself feeling the worst, I just felt something evil lurked there, I don't know what it was, never saw or heard anything to make me feel this way, I just felt I was in danger there at night. I continued to travel this path, partly, because of my stubborness, I refused to let fear get the best of me, I have always felt that facing my fear allows me to rise above my it. And the other reason, I continued to drive this road, was because it WAS a short cut to my place of employment, and since I am usually running late, it seemed like an acceptable alternative to being late for work.
This feeling persisted, all fall that year (1988), and it got so bad that as soon as I was on the road, the hair on the back of my neck would start to rise. I was terrified driving that road!!! Finally, I gave in, I stopped driving the "short cut" for any reason at night.
The daylight hours were safe, and I continued to travel this road only in the daylight.
For an entire year I avoided that road at night at all costs.

A year or so later, we were traveling as a family and decided to tell ghost stories, and as we were entertaining each other, I decided to tell my story about the road, knowing my brothers and sisters all traveled the same road.
As I was telling my story, I could see my younger sister, getting more and more pale and silent, I thought I might be unnecessarily scaring her ( used to scare her all the time by riding my horse up to her bedroom window, and with my horse's head peeking in I would whisper her name, I am kinda twisted that way...), and sought to reassure her that the feeling I had was gone, what ever had been down there in that swampy area was gone. She just looked at me with terrified eyes, and said, " The EXACT same thing was happening to me, I stopped driving that road because I was so scared". Both of us looked at each other and my family got silent, this was the most frightening part for me, because I thought I had been enduring this fear alone, and to discover that my little sister had been experiencing the same phenomenon, made it all the more frightening and real!!!
To this day, I travel that road with trepidation, especially at night, I know what ever was out there causing me such fear is gone, but, who's to say it won't come back?

Monday, September 21, 2009

The total and utter disregard

I am absolutely sickened by what I had to retrieve today. I went to retrieve my winter horse blankets that I had borrowed to someone. I had the foresight to ask the sherriff's dept to accompany me. When we arrived I was told my blankets were already to go, but, it took at least 20 very uncomfortable minutes with this person making unnecessary comments the entire time. I find I am short 4 blankets, no surpise here I guess. But, the total destroyed state of one of my Weatherbeetas, well, it just makes me sick to my stomach. How, can ANYONE justify this?

There is simply NO excuse for caring for someone else's things like this!!!!! So, if you want to know who I borrowed these blankets to, just ask, I will be glad to tell. See you in court!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time to clear the air

I don't really know or care if anyone reads this, but, it is time for me to get this off my chest.
The whole sordid story began last October ( I think) when blog I rarely frequent posted about a "horse rescue" close to my home. Since I felt I had a good idea about what goes on here in my own small corner of the horsey world ( perhaps an arrogant thought, but, it was my own), I was surprised to hear about this via an Internet blog. So I posted that I knew nothing about a horse rescue in the area and was surprised to find one online actually asking total strangers for money to pay electricity bills and phone bills. That in itself to me seemed strange. But, the drama continued, and became increasingly strange. I was accused of being a total flake, and that strangers to me on the Internet knew ALL about me. That weirded me out and also infuriated me, I have always tried to be the best person I can be, and play it straight with people, perhaps in some person's eyes that equated me with being a total flake, I don't know. I am known for telling it like it is, and being honest in my business dealings with people. I digress, this person posted their phone number and so I called them to ask if it would be acceptable to come and view their facility to put to rest all the ugly rumors. I was told the "board" decided not to allow this, I was ok with that, no worries. I also shared with this person ( during a very long, long phone conversation) resources right here in the county that might be able to help them out. I also, in the course of several conversations ( by phone) invited this person to the horse group meeting I hold each winter ( an opportunity to network fellow horse lovers, as well as educate with new/old innovations), AND offered borrow them my older horse blankets. I had found out that they had several young and old stock that would benefit by the loan of my blankets, I felt good about doing this.
In January, I got was speaking to this person ( on the phone again), and they sounded really stressed out. Found out they were almost out of hay ( feeding almost 20 horses takes a lot of hay) and they couldn't purchase more hay until their bill with that hay guy got paid up. I happened at that exact moment to have $600 in my hand, so, I offered to loan it to this person so they could get more hay. I was promised to be repaid when they got their taxes back ( I guess they neglected to mention which year...). Although, I don't have money to spare, I lent it to them knowing I was helping the horses, and thought it was a good thing. You have to understand as a single parent, (with no child support to speak of), there are times in my life when I don't know how I am going to get the gas to drive back and forth to work. The Lord always provides though, I have to trust this ( hard concept).
I was berated by many people for doing this, many of them knowing this person and their history, I chose to ignore this sage advice, and continued thinking I was doing the right thing by the horses. At the same time, I often wondered, how this person could continually be on the Internet how they were paying those bills if their horses didn't have hay to eat... I knew those horses needed food, and so I offered to donate what ground feed I had for them to feed their sr horses with. I had a garbage can filled with Equine SR. ( 3 bags worth), and a garbage can filled with sweet feed ( also, 3 bags worth), plus some beet pulp, they came over and took it all, once again, I knew I was doing something good for the horses.
I waited until March, for some payment on the $600 loan, nothing seemed forthcoming. Disaster struck, my run in shed tipped over in a strong wind and I knew I would have to hire someone to right it again. I called this person and begged them for some repayment of that $600 loan. By the end of the week, the SO was bringing over $300. I was glad I had some of my loan back.
Months went by with no more indication of repayment, so, in June I proposed a deal, if they would help me fix my fence, they could work off the $300 still owed on the loan. Now, my idea of them helping me fix my fence was to show them what needed fixing and provide the supplies. Apparently, this person was waiting for me to help them with the actual work or something. So, nothing ever happened regarding stringing new wire on my fence. But, they needed hay hauled, and asked if I could haul their trailer for them and they would pay me for gas. I hauled hay twice, once with my little 2 horse trailer, and once with their huge stock trailer. Neither time, was gas money offered.
I was injured in a riding accident in July, haven't worked since, ( hoping to go back this month), but, I had purchased hay in the beginning of July, to feed my " time out" paddock boys. After my injury, a friend on mine offered to take some of my horses off my hands so I wouldn't have to continue to line up people to come and feed hay to those horses stuck on the dry lot. So, I had some hay that I was no longer feeding, well, who would call and ask if they could purchase hay from me? I told them they could purchase they hay for what I paid for it. They would be there the following evening and bring supper. So, suppertime rolls around and no sign of this person, we waited until after 8:00 and still no word from them, so I prepared my 11 yr old son something to eat. Then, about 8:45 a phone call, a belt on their car had broken, but, they were on their way. I tried to let them know a meal was unnecessary, but, this person stated they hadn't eaten either, and they were going to bring a meal over. I was tired and just wanted to go to bed ( recovering from a major injury is exhausting, especially when there is painful OT/PT involved).
It was past 10:00 when they finally appeared, I know they would not have come over had they not been desperate for hay. Got some hay loaded into their car and then waited for the meal to be done, so, it is going on 11:00 I am really tired and just ache for my bed, don't wish to cleanup the meal, can't wait for company to leave so I can crash. I am promised a check for the hay they are purchasing, but, they neglect to leave one that night. when I am at PT/OT the next day, they come for the rest of the hay they have agreed to purchase ( 10 bales total), again, neglect to leave a check. By this time, I am aware of how this person conveniently "forgets" to pay for items, esp when it is friends. I have noticed how it is ALWAYS someone else's fault no matter what goes on in their life. I have seen how they are treated by total strangers in their own neighborhood ( rather scary actually), and am putting 2 plus 2 together. So, I track this person down to the sales barn the next night determined to at least get a check for the hay purchased from me. At this point I haven't worked in almost a month, and any money is welcomed and needed, which is why I agreed to sell them 10 bales of hay. Got a check, and watched as they purchased several stacks of hay with no way of hauling it other than relying on the goodness of other people to haul it for them. I had earlier stated I could not haul hay for them as it was too far out of my way, and my vehicle was not in condition to haul heavy loads.
I promised not to cash said check until they told me it was ok to do so, ( I was told " it is easier for me to bring you the cash than for you to deposit this check"). So, I waited to cash it, in the meantime, I sent out an email plea for my friends to come out and help me with a job that this person had already agreed to do in repayment of the $300 debt still owed. This person replied immediately, that they would be there The morning the fencing was planned. That morning rolled around, and this person didn't show, not so much as a phone call. Then, the next day, hours after everyone had finished, her SO and child came over, there was no more work to do. Last week, I brought the check this person wrote, to the bank to verify funds, hmmm "ACCT CLOSED". My guess is this person knew the account was closed prior to writing any check to me, which is why they would have rather brought me cash than have me deposit that check.
I have had it with the excuses, and the lies, and the cryptic remarks on their blog regarding stuff that goes on in their lives. I can only warn anyone who befriends this person, beware. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." " no good deed goes unpunished". So, I guess I consider myself fortunate, this person has only gotten away with $324.00 of my money, it could have been so much worse.
So, now, I am a little poorer, a lot wiser, and less trusting and willing to help out the next guy who might be in need. I don't forget easily, and forgiveness is not something that I hold in me right now. Perhaps someday, but, not now, Karma, that is all I can say, someday, karma will come and bite you right where it needs to. I know jail doesn't faze you, and neither does losing something dear to you, so what does it take for a person like this to feel remorse?? To understand you don't take advantage of friends, ( which is probably why they don't really have any good friends nearby). You lost one of those right here, so no more cryptic remarks , let the truth be known, admit you owe me money deal with it. Go out and get a real job, work at attending said job so you don't get terminated, bring home a paycheck so YOU can pay for your own horses, stop acquiring horses, live with in your means and be honest, that is what is required of you in this world, then you won't have to make up "Internet stalkers" and "people coming to your house" and "people driving past your house slowly" jeez, I bet folks around here have much better things to do than what you are cryptically insinuating they are doing. Get a life!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Had my dr appt yesterday, told him how badly I needed to get back to work ( these disability checks just aren't enough to cover my monthly expenses). So, I talked him into letting me return @ the end of Aug. But, the restrictions he put on my return are so unrealistic I can't believe it! My job description requires I be able to lift up to 50 lbs, my limit to return to work? 5 lbs!! Now, who in their right mind ever thinks of how much 5 lbs actually is? The weight is so light it is almost inconsequential! A gallon of milk is 7 lbs, for crying out loud, my truck door is heavier than that when I open or shut it! ( That has actually been kind of difficult to open and close...) So, needless to say, my supervisor isn't really happy about my workability sheet, I can't twist or torque with my right arm, and no lifting above chest level with my left arm... So, where can I work? No where is my thinking, I can't clean instruments cuz the trays are over 5 lbs. I can't clean shelves because many of them are above my head, ( and the inventory on them is over 5 lbs.) I might be able to put together charts ( joy...)but, that won't take 8 hours every day either.
Don't get me wrong, I am not displeased with my recovery, and neither is the dr. he just thinks that I am trying to get back into the whole swing of things too quickly ( but, he doesn't live on my wages either). He is really concerned about me dislocating the elbow, and then I would be starting over again with the whole shebang.
As far as my left shoulder, I guess I should be pleased with the progress I have made there, I have completely normal range of motion, some strength, and much less pain than when I first injured it. MRI is going to show what the real problem is I guess, but, I have to wait for the ins, company to approve that test.
Speaking of bills, man, I can't believe the cost of hospitalization! And to think I complained about a $1000 emergency room bill ( for pneumonia 4 yrs ago)! The amount is staggering, for this injury! I am very glad to have insurance!
The upside of all this time off, is I get to spend the summer with my son! We have been to the beach every day so far this week, and he has enjoyed it immensely!
The other good thing is I have had time to help my mentors with my bee hives, ( and theirs), since I can't lift my 70 lb boxes ( I have plenty of honey, let me tell you!!) I have been trying to help out in other ways, like watching their children so they can get stuff done, and have some alone time. Hopefully, it is enough.
I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from my church and friends, there is a gentleman from church coming over today to mow my lawn, ( he fixed my mower , again, since somehow the air cleaner and cover fell off and got mowed over...) with my mower so he can check it out to make sure it runs alright, and I get my lawn mowed! It is so difficult to rely on others to do things you are so accustomed to doing yourself! And it is sooooo hard for me to ask for help!! Why is that? Number 1, the guilt; I feel I should be able to do these things, but, I can't even wring out a mop! how sad is that!? Number 2,: the loss of my independence, I have prided myself on my ability to be completely independent, able to figure things out myself without the help of a male around. I have replaced the belt on my dryer drum, I can change my own oil on my car, I can change a flat tire, I can take off the pipes under the sinks in my house to clean out the trap ( remember, gravity and I argue often, gravity wins!) Heck, I can even change an element on my water heater if I had to ( have the tool, don't ask why...)
Now, I can't even change the belt on my vacuum cleaner, ( need the use of 2 strong hands for that), and I am too proud to ask someone to do it for me... how stupid is that? People I know, want to help, but, how do I just let go and let them? Better I think, for folks to just take over and say, this is what is going to happen and you can't change it, so just sit down and relax, ( not that I would relax when someone is doing my work for me, )
Crap, enough feeling sorry for myself, Tomorrow is Garlic fest in Hutchinson, and we have been preparing all week for it! We are going to have a booth there and will be demonstrating extracting honey from the hive the entire day!!! It is going to be a great day! My box of honey is plum full! My mentor thought I should enter a frame in the State Fair, but, I am too anxious to extract it and get honey! Besides, I am definitely not up for a State Fair visit this year, ( as well as it being cost prohibitive).
Happily, I will have enough honey for Christmas gifts ( my goal this year). And perhaps even some for purchase ( haven't decided on that yet).
Enough with the whining...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sometimes I wonder why I even bother, I get so impatient with myself... I have been making amazing progress with PT assistance, my shoulder doesn't hurt any longer ( don't want THAT pain ever again!). My elbow is slowly straightening, ( not fast enough for Ms patience , me apparently). Sheesh, my injuries could have been so much worse!! I thank God for it not being so.
On to Fb, I know I offended a person on my friends list today, but, I really don't believe all the crap local recues, turn out. I don't give a damn if she is the nicest person on the face of the earth to someone, I personally know 3 families she has interfered with as well as just meeting another person last week ( that person didn't tell me their story, but, I had heard the rumors before, and saw the perfectly fit horses that were confiscated a week later on the rescue web site). Intimidation doesn't cut it with me, and I can be fairly intimidating myself. I just actually try not to be ( mostly).
but, she ( or her lackeys) have destroyed lives ( not people deserving of being destroyed either, although, there are some, I admit that needed some help). I cannot condone that.
Anway, enough of a rant there. I am on a roll. Reading Twilight series ( for the 6th time since I purchased them in June...), I have such a huge crush on Edward... man, if a vampire like that came my way, I would not hesitate ( I don't think), he could bite me anywhere he has a mind to.
I actually had been jogging as of last week, but, the doc put the cabosh on that idea... doesn't want me to fall ( go figure...). I mean, this is why I was interval training, to increase my caloric burn, and lose weight!!! Get more fit, you know, the whole shabang... I don't care, I am going to try the 8 minute running thing. If I fall don't tell anyone I posted this... heck, I could fall from walking ( not unheard of in my world, gravity does strange things to me, and it usually wins...)
Wow, am I ever rambling today. Must mean I am feeling better, just the fact that I can type with 2 hands is cause for celebration for me!
Went out and played among my mares this morning also, my old mare Coni, has gotten the message "Be careful for Mom!" so many times, I am sure she understands what that means.
I am looking forward to the day I can ride, Coni will be the horse I get on. It is like slipping on a pair of old comfortable shoes for me to mount that girl. I know her, I know her reactions to most anything ( always qualify things with horses...), I am excited about it. I know it won't be tomorrow, ( but, maybe soon??) might not even be this year, but, I know I will be able to ride again.
This period of non work should be a great time for me to get a fitness routine establised, but once again, when I speak of it, my own mind foils my attempts, what is it about me that has to rebel against myself??

Sunday, July 26, 2009

When things go bad

As difficult as it its for me to actually write this post, I need to for my healing to continue.

Sunday July 12 started out like any other extremely pleasant day this summer. A friend and I made early morning plans to ride (before it got too warm). I planned on riding my green gelding, whom, I might add has become extremely obese this summer, (as in, can't even find his withers obese, and this is a purebred Arabian!). Needless, to say, the bet I made with another blogger has to be paid up, I lost, my horses are all still obese and I bet her they would have lost their
' winter weight" by July...( I wonder if I could slip by on the technicality of not specifying WHAT YEAR...). Anyway, I digress, we had already decided not to ride a long distance, (I am trying to keep his rides short and sweet), and were well on the way. I might mention that my friend doesn't have a boatload of riding experience, but, does OK on a well trained horse. This day, however, she was having trouble with the mare I had her on, and I was concentrating on her inability to handle the problem, and getting frustrated since I knew we would be unable to switch horses. My frustration communicated itself to my own mount and he started to throw his head. Having experienced this with him before, I tried to give him a job to do so he would have to focus on task at hand rather than head tossing. Seemed to work, we had turned around and started back home when it happened, my horse exploded.
To bring folks up to speed here, I am extremely overweight and haven't ridden a green horse in about 18 years, I had mentioned this previously to my riding friend, because my reflexes are definitely not as quick as they once were, and neither is my recovery balance. This is why I have been so wary of riding this green horse, I will only ride him if I have someone accompanying me hence, he doesn't get ridden but, on the weekends. As the sole breadwinner of our family (damn child labor laws, my 11 yr old could be bringing home the bacon also!), I just can't afford to get hurt, or so I thought...
Meanwhile back on the trail, my horse has taken his first ever buck, and it is a doozy, I lost my balance and was leaning to his left side, second jump had me falling, and then he started to run, I hit the ground with my arms extended as if still holding the reins, all my body weight landing on my upper torso and arms. I rolled onto my back as I hit knocking the wind out of me. As I lay there I tried to take stock of what hurt most, definitely couldn't breathe, but, knew that would get better in a moment, my arms hurt a little, but, since I landed as I did I figured it was the road rash, of which I had plenty all the way to my elbows on both arms. Rolled over and pushed myself to standing using my arms (this is OK I thought, nothing badly hurt), didn't take into account the adrenaline rush...
Of course, my mount had run a ways off, but, decided to run back to us (thankfully, the trail we were on is adjacent to a busy highway) I tried to get close to him and finally was able to grab a rein, as I was trying to tighten his hackamore, my left shoulder gave off this giant snap!!! Never heard anything like it in my life, and I work in surgery...Immediately got light headed and felt like throwing up, all I could do was stand and pant for a bit. My friend who happens to be an ortho pedic physician's assistant thought maybe I had dislocated my shoulder and the snap we BOTH heard was it popping back into place. Meanwhile, I was slowly realizing I had severe pain in my right arm also, so much so, I was unable to lead my unruly horse. I instead offered to lead her mare who is a good girl, and kind to lead ( no pulling, no leaning, no forging ahead) I was unable to even move my left arm by this time and could only comfortably keep my right arm at a right angle against my body, so we began the mile and a half trek back home. During the walk, we decided to get me medicated,enough to make an appointment for the next day at her clinic and get xrays then, saving me an emergency room charge ( high deductible makes for trying to keep costs down). As I trudged along, I realized how much I was hurting, I couldn't move my right arm twisting back and forth, that movement brought me to my knees. My left arm was completely unmovable without severe pain shooting up the back of it, and my ribs were aching like someone had stomped on them. My head was OK, the fall hadn't even dislodged the visor so, I figured my head hadn't actually made contact with the ground initially. I considered myself lucky, I was alive and my legs were working properly, just the rest of me was in agony. Upon reaching the farm, my friend proceeded to take care of the horses, as I tried to let myself into the house. Failing to be able to open the door, I realized there was no way I would avoid a trip to the hospital, and after that walk, I no longer cared what an emergency trip would cost me, all I wanted was some relief from the pain, /I didn't care what they did to get me that relief. i wouldn't let them cut my t-shirt off of me ( I liked that shirt...), so I endured some more agony having the ER staff remove it . After xrays, found my right proximal radial head fractured, and possibly my epicondyle of my humerus also. o fractures showed on the left shoulder, so, they doped me up big time, splinted my right arm, put a shoulder immobilizer on my left arm, and sent me home to sleep. My friend took care of me for the next hour or so, then my 11 yr old son became my caretaker. I am sure he had many trials with a doped up mom who is fiercely independent, I know for sure, I was unable to get up from the bed by myself, and unable to even go to the bathroom alone, poor kid, he got saddled with a job many grown ups don;t want to take. Monday morning brought new pain, in the form of another trip to the hospital, this time for a CT scan, the entire trip is mostly lost for me with a vague memory of xray...
Tuesday, another lost day, but, I know my friend Jen is a hero, who took time out of her clinic schedule to come out and feed me get me more doped up, then take me to her house for a shower ( which I had not had since the fall), The next day, Wed, she had a surgeon in the cities lined up for me to get my elbow fixed with. I don't recall meeting him, nor do I remember the ride into the cities, I imagine I was pretty miserable, they were unable to repair the injuries to the radial head, so, they had no choice nut to put in a prosthesis, the xray makes it look like an over sized lug nut in my elbow. I am still in a splint 2 weeks after the initial injuries, so I can't test out the stability of my new joint yet, but, from the limited reading I have done on these type of prosthesis, the outlook is good. During those 3 days I was so doped up, I made arrangements for my gelding to go back to the trainer's, and apparently accompanied him to her farm, the scary part is, I have simply no memory of it. I also blasted another good friend of mine for being unable to do my chores one evening, this also, I have no memory of, but, have since sincerely apologized, she realized it was such bizarre behavior for me that it might be the drugs affecting my behavior, thank goodness, she did not hold my drug induced behavior against me. So, now, 2 weeks from the injuries, I am making small but, significant strides toward recovery, my friends and family have been so supportive, I have enough disability payment to cover my major expenses. And people have come from near and far with kind offerings, from my friend who took my 3 geldings to her pasture, so I don't have to feed any hay, to my farrier who tried to inconspicuously drop off a monetary gift (I caught him though, and his kindness will not go unrewarded). My church has been kind enough to arrange meals so I don't have to cook, my mom came and cleaned my house, friends came and mowed my yard, my blessing have been innumerable, it could have been so much worse... hug your family, and your horses tonight, think of me, say a prayer of thanks, I did.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mother Nature

What is it about the Great Outdoors and me not being able to keep my clothes on??? It isn't that I have the body of Britney Spears ( not even at her worst...), hell, I don't even have the body of Shelly Winters!!!! But, somehow, I end up with my clothing taking flight many times when I am outside.
My last skirmish with Mother Nature began at my bee hives ( can you see this coming??). I haven't been out and checked my hives for a couple of weeks, ( still healing from the last sting), but, today, come hell or high water I needed to get out there and put another 10 frame of deep hives for the bees on. All was going well, my son had the smoker making its beautiful thick smoke, ( he is very proud of his ability to smoke... he's 11). I had my 2 pairs of sweatpants on ( bees can't sting through 2 pairs of pants, don't ya know...), and of course my bee sting proof jacket and veil, I look incredibly attractive in this getup, let me tell you! We get to the first hive, hearing lots of buzzing, I figure all is going well within the hive. I open the hive, and low and behold, all IS well! I am carefully checking each frame to determine if the queen bee is laying ( or getting laid, they only mate once in their lifetime, I believe). and has plenty of eggs growing into busy little bees. I am in luck, although, there are plenty of dead bees on the floor of the hive, the live bees are making up for the dead ones I figure. Then, I feel it...
There is a bee crawling up my leg!!! Inside my pants!!!!! I carefully pull up my pant leg to try to release the dirty little bugger prior to it stinging me, but, I can't find it. So, I pull my pant leg down and continue on with my job. Suddenly, OUCH!!!! Damn bee was still in there right around the crease in my knee ( yup the first crease, not the second crease...) she got me. It hurts, and I am grabbing at my leg through my 2 pairs of sweatpants ( bees can't sting through 2 pairs of sweatpants ya know...), trying to pull the stinger out without actually seeing said stinger, this method doesn't work real well, as a side note.
The feels like it is still in there injecting venom into my leg by the gallon it seems. So, I did what any sane person would do in an effort to survive that bee sting.
I dropped my pants, ( luckily, I wasn't commando, isn't that a NICE mental picture...), and jumped around trying to see the back of my leg. Did I mention that today of all days, I have this crick in my neck? Doesn't allow me to move my neck much... So I am hopping and tripping, my bees are flying, my dogs are barking madly, and my wonderful son says, " Did you get stung?" I have to forgive him, he is 11, and a male ( that oblivious thing must begin at birth, or soon after...).
I didn't say what I really wanted to say, mostly because I needed him to find that stinger for me, so I could get rid of the stinging agony. But, I thought it!!!
Now, at the beginning of this beekeeping adventure, I considered parking my hives close to my house, so I could check on the bees more often. Right along the Luce Line, as a matter of fact, which of course, is right by one of the main highways coming out of the Cities, and continuing to SD.
It must have been serendipitous for me to change my mind and put them on the south end of the mares' pasture, because instead of God and everybody seeing my white prison pallor body jumping around without any pants, only my neighbors got that show... wonder if they will ever be able to speak to me with a straight face again?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Most embarrassing moments

I hope we can find some chuckles in our own most embarrassing moments. Here goes; I have an 18 yr old Arabian gelding who is Houdini reincarnated, he can escape any fence if there is no electricity on it, ( and he sniffs the electric fences to see if they are hot). One day, I had unplugged the fence charger to work on the fence, well, no sooner do I go to plug it back in again and the big goof ball went under the fence ( of course, he took a buddy with him), they decided to eat grass on the lawn, so I headed over to put them back in, thought nothing of it. But, they had other ideas... went galavanting down the Luce Line Trail at a gallop with me in hot pursuit ( for all of 100 feet) I decided I needed to call for reinforcements, and went into the house to call friends to help,( I watched them heading south a mile away). Ran out to my Jeep with a halter, lead rope and a bucket of grain ( bribery always works, so I thought) Got up to them in an alfalfa field with the grain, but, they wouldn't come close to me with a halter or lead in my hand, headed further south up the field. I jumped into my vehicle and followed by the road, tried it again without the halter and lead. Caught the bugger, but, then what to do? Took off my shirt and put that around his neck and led him without incident to my Jeep, Got a halter on him and was proceeding to put on my shirt when I get this feeling.... yup, a highway patrol right behind me. He gets out of his vehicle and asks if I need help, that he got a call from someone on the highway that it looked like I was in trouble ( which I was, grew about 60 gray hairs that minute), finish putting on my shirt, want to crawl into a hole and nonchalantly say, " no, I have these boys in hand now..." Worst part is, I wasn't wearing a bra that day!!!!!! Had to be the most embarrassing moment (so far) of my horsey life!

funny Minnesota cold stories

This is a true story, no embellishments:

Jan 31 2007, 02:28 PM
I too, am tired of winter, but, I think it isn't over yet! I am on my 3rd hose this week!! I busted 2 ( yes, 2 count em!) hoses on Monday evening and Tues morning. I broke my favorite hose Mon night, ( I always blow my hoses clear to prevent them from freezing up on me, apparently, there wasn't enough air in me the last time I blew the hose out...NOT!), it snapped right in half like nothing. So, I got out the cloth hose thinking I put it away dry last fall it should be clear and off we go... well, the thought was good, the actual experience wasn't, the hose was frozen, ( apparently it WASN'T dried out this fall, and so I brought the hose into the house to thaw it out and try again in the morning. Morning arrives, ( much too quickly, I might add,) I am late getting going so I am, of course, hurrying through morning feeding, but, I have the hose unfrozen, I take it outside, and attempt to hook it up to the hydrant, ( in the dark, no lights, no barn you get the picture?) damn thing won't screw on, the hydrant threads have ice on them, I use my bare hand to unfreeze the threads ( minus 12 degrees mind you, but, my glove was frozen to the hydrant handle anyway), then finally the hose screws on! Success!!! I quickly throw up the handle on the hydrant ( my fingers are freezing you know and I want to get my glove on), and whooosh!!! Yep, the hose explodes, into my face!! * note to self,... cloth hoses are not designed for Minnesota winters! I have ice cold hydrant water, straight from the well, in minus 12 weather pouring into my face, my hair, down my coat, you name it I am getting wet. Now, I am thinking I am in shock cuz I must have stood there bent over taking on this water onslaught for what seemed like hours before it occured to me to shut the damn thing off!!! I can't see any longer cuz water has pooled in my glasses, I can't breathe cuz water has entered those orifices that were over the hydrant ( nose and mouth). Normally, I don't say much in the morning cuz I am usually tired and not awake yet,and the horses are used to this, but, for some reason, cuss words started spewing from my mouth, and my horses were curiously and warily looking at me wondering I am sure which one of them was the recipient of my loud and profane language! Did you know that ice globs form on glasses with water on them in a matter of seconds? I can't see, can't walk, ( my pants have frozen stiff almost immediately, my jacket and hood feel permanently attached to my hair and neck, even my eyebrows are frozen together!! ( now that is a funny feeling!) But, trooper that I am I continue to stuggle with getting water to the boys, and feeding the mares, they continue to eye the strange woman among them who used to be their pet, but now resembles an abominable something... I just wish I had video of it, cuz now, it strikes me as funny, even if it wasn't then, I did make it in time for work, I didn't lose much hair peeling it from my hood ( the bald spot will grow back I am sure...) AND I went out and bought an expensive hose this time! (OK, all of $7.40!), I am set for the rest of winter now!! I mean how much worse can it get than that? No WAIT, don't answer that!!!

beekeeping chronicles

I have decided, in my infinite wisdom, to keep on here the stories I have written on various usuer forums. These are amusing stories, intended to make one laugh, but, there is more than a vein of truth in all of them, for the most part they are actual events in my life, ( just a couple of embellishments). Here goes:

While I am at it, I might just amuse or terrify you with my recollection of my first experience tonight hiving my bees. Now, I have been reading about this ( consider, "Beekeeping for Dummies"... my first book, go figure), since last summer, and finally found a gal just down the road who is willing to mentor me ( so to speak) in the joys of beekeeping ( another book I read by the way.). So, I go to pick up my packages of bees tonight and get a hypothetical crash course on how to get my bees out of their package. First, if you haven't seen a package of bees, it is a large wooden box, screen covered and filled with about (2 lb pkg) 2000 bees. There is also a small cage inside the package, containing the queen, get to that later... So, I load these pkgs of bees into my SUV ( yup, live bees and me inside an SUV, not a good combination, I am thinking as I am driving quickly but, cautiously down the road, you now how the imagination gets....and I see some of those bees are NOT contained INSIDE the package), and head for home, confident I have done all I can prior to actually doing the job. Now, the first thing required when you are placing your pkg of bees into their hive is a spray bottle of sugar water, you soak them down so they don't fly very well, and can eat all the sugar water they like as they are getting into their new home. So, I have my spray bottle of sugar water all set and everything is ready to go, it is getting on towards dusk so I need to get this moving. First pkg I am getting ready to hive and so I am about to spray the heck out of them with sugar water, ( that buzzing of 2000 bees in your hand is quite intimidating! Not to mention the vibration!). My 11 yr old son is standing off a ways just in case I need someone to help ( like dial 911...). Pick up the brand new spray bottle ( have you seen it yet?) and start pumping like crazy, .... nothing, adjust spray, still nothing take it apart hmmmm, still nothing. I of course, in my excitement DID NOT check the spray bottle to see if it was working prior to leaving the house! So, all I have for soaking my bees is my mason jar of sugar water for feeding them ( perforated top turned upside down), so, I proceed to douse the bees with the mason jar sugar water, which of course douses me, my gloves, my shirt sleeves with sugar water ( think bees at a picnic... LUNCH!!!) Determined to finish this job even if it kills me, I do what I am supposed to... BTW, did I mention HOW you get bees out of a package? Yup, you guessed it, you knock that box on the ground at a corner to loosen the bees from the screen, and then, you shake them out into the hive!!! Yes, you do this! Knowingly!!! Insane? You bet!! Imagine 2000 pissed off bees falling out of a box.... Yup, it was terrifying, but, you know, that first package went so well, even without my water bottle, I didn't get stung, and I got the queen out without any issues. Whew, this is easy, breathe a sigh of relief, my son moves a little closer... So, on to the second pkg, for some reason these bees seemed a little testier than the first pkg. But, I repeated the cycle of dumping a little sugar water on them ( I don't think I used enough this time), took the can out to free the bees, and explosion!!!!! Bout 1000 of those hummers came out with a vengeance! Luckily, they mostly went into the hive, but, somehow, one got into my boot, I could feel it crawling knew I was gonna get stung and there was simply nothing I could do about it (that is a sucky feeling), and zammo~ got nailed, I could still feel it crawling about inside my boot, but, the damage was done, so I left it, I still had about half the bees to get out of my package, and these were the crabby bees... so, what do I do? Yup, just what I am supposed to, I slam the box on the ground again, and then shake those pissed off bees into the hive, did I mention, the queen? well, this queen was still in her cage, and I broke the metal hanger off trying to get the cage out, so now, I have to reach my hand into 1000 pissed off bees to retrieve the queen cage, I am sweaty and more then a bit nervous, my sugar water gloves are quite a treat for those bees, and my entire hand is covered with bees, can't get a hold of the queen cage, too many bees ( those bees completely surround the queen, that is their job...) So, I do the only thing I can, I shake the queen cage down into the hive... now, I have to reach my hand into the hive to retrieve that darn queen. Bees buzzing all around me, my son is holding our Doxie, she thinks the bees are food and is trying to eat them, one of our new Shelties is determined to help eat the pollen patties, he isn't afraid of bees apparently, and I still don't have the package empty yet... My leg is stinging, I am covered with bees and sticky ( thank heavens for the veil!), and I have to get the queen into the hive without killing her! My luck holds, I release the queen close up the hive, and move away breathing a sigh of relief, of course, my son tells me, " Mom, you are covered with bees..." so now what? How do I convince these bees, I am not food, I just taste like it, and get them to stay in their nice brand spanking new hive? I know! Let's take a branch and sweep the bees off! Did I mention that my son is 11? His idea of sweeping with a branch and my idea are apparently 2 different things... First off, the branch I had in mind was smaller than a 10 foot log,... and I was thinking gentle motions... hmmmmm the first motion nearly knocked me off my feet, so after a short discussion regarding how to "gently" remove bees, things went much better. We are steadily moving away from the hives and crossing the pasture now, the mares of course all canter over, ( they can smell sugar a mile away), wondering if there is anything for them to eat... Get up to the house, and low and behold, I STILL have bees on me ( so much for gentle)! So, I am definitely not entering my domain with bees attached, so I consider one of several options, first I could strip outside, ( heck, remember my loose horse episode? No one would be surprised if I were outside sans clothes anyway...). Second, I could try to remove bees myself ( loose fitting sweater not a good idea for bee homing anyway. I went with the second idea... Still have bee in my boot moving around and stinger is still there pumping venom into my leg all this time, so next thing is to remove stinger, I of course can't reach it so my son has to come to my rescue once again ( remember the 10 ft branch?). He carefully removes stinger ( yes, he was very kind and careful, must have remembered we hadn't had supper yet...). Then I research bee sting remedies, ( note to self, before working with bees, have in mind WHICH remedy you know will work). Decide on the toothpaste remedy ( which isn't bad BTW), since my son has to apply said remedy and I didn't think he was too keen on the baking soda paste one... too close to food, and too close to supper. But, after a hot shower and a couple of hours, the stinging was gone and I am ready to enjoy my bees!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 7

Well, really it is day 8, but, I didn't have time to post last night before my meeting.
I walked a little over a mile today, since I didn't get out there until almost time for my meeting, which I couldn't be late for either. It feels so good to walk!! So why is it so difficult for me to get started each day? I just don't get it. Today, is supposed to be my "cheat" day, but, I think I am going to walk after all, ( just trying to get the 21 day thing into a habit I guess), and this last week was difficult with losing Miracle and Mocha... I am just not inspired like I usually am the first week of my "lifestyle change". Yes, I have done this before, I just have never set up an internet blog about it before. I have tried everything, WW, TOPS, hypnosis, sex, no sex, all the fad diets of the 70's and 80's. Am contemplating a weight-loss surgery, but, I know that isn't going to cure the problem I have. I know I am an emotional eater, and I need to figure out how to help myself. I am not good at journaling, so trying to write down everything I eat doesn't work for me. Many time I have put something into my mouth without thinking about it and then I forget to write it down.
I also know that exercise is the KEY!!!!!!! No special secrets, no magic pills, just stubborn tenacity, and plain hard work, now, I am not afraid of hard work, I just am afraid of failing again. I can't fail!!! My whole life ( literally) is on the line!
I HAVE to do this!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 6

Today I got out after the rain and walked a mile in the darkness. Matt thought walking in the dark was cool. We locked Bailey up prior to walking since it is too hard to see a tiny black Dachschund in the dark. I am so frustrated with work that this walking is a great stress reliever, and I know it is helping my health. Tomorrow, I will try to walk a longer distance in interval walking, Sit ups and pushups are also on the list to begin this week!
Found someone to hopefully mentor under this spring with honey bees!!!! I have been studying this so long and have been trying to find someone to learn under since last summer!
I am going to have 2 hives of my own at the same time though, so I can learn and do also!
Can't wait!
Tomorrow is the poultry swap meet, I am hoping to get a couple of cochins for Matthew to love.
I still miss Mocha, and Miracle, but, the pain isn't as bad as it was on Monday.

Day 6

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 5

Got out and walked almost 2 miles today. Didn't do the eating thing so well though, I had ice cream again for supper, I have no will power!! I just love the stuff! I got up this morning to find Shom out and trying to make his way back into the pasture, and when I put him in his correct pasture, I looked and there were only 3 horses in that pasture, ( there should be 5) I started calling for Handsome since he was the one missing, and I happened to look over at the mare's pasture and there was this horse that didn't belong there looking at me with his ears up as if to say" here I am! " Sure enough, somehow Handsome had somehow found his way over to the mare pasture to have a little fun there! How do they do it!?? One more day and the weekend arrives, I am planning on keeping on track on Saturday, and having Sunday as my cheat day and no exercise day, but, we will see how it goes...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

.Day 4

Day 4 with my life changes, I didn't walk or post yesterday, I was on call, and didn't feel like getting inventive with the walking ( ie; walking indoors). I did walk today though and obviously I am posting so, I am still on track. It takes 21 days for something to become a habit, so here I am, trying to make this a habit.
I love walking once I get out there and start doing it. I have a walking playlist on my iPod that includes Queen, The Weathergirls, Village People 10cc, The De Franco family, and a couple others from the 70's. I sat tonight while filling up the water tanks ( with the hose from the house since my hydrant is frozen) belting out " It's Raining Men" with the best of them!! I don't think the horses appreciated it, and I certainly hope my neighbors weren't listening!
I got Miracles ashes back today, the let me know Mocha's ashes would be back next week.
Matthew is still so sad, I am also, I guess I just let the tears run out of me Monday and last night, I don't cry as much now for our lost family members. I know we will see them again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 2

Today my heart is breaking, God decided that my old cat Mocha should come to live with him. I wasn't prepared for this, only 10 days after losing Miracle. I have so many fond memories of them both, I got to say good bye to Miracle, but, Mocha I didn't. I am having a difficult time coping with this tremendous loss. I know she was old, they both were over 14, but, I guess I wasn't thinking that she would be gone so soon from my life.
Getting into the groove of exercising today was a monumental task. I made myself get up and go outside to walk, it is so hard today to think of anything pleasant, and I know what a perfect day it was outside, I just wanted to huddle in my bed and cry ( which I did until I fell asleep for a couple of hours).
I am trying though to change my life, this online blog is my accountability to myself and for anyone who might read this.
This is my life, time for change.
I am overweight, prediabetic, depressed and my joints have started to hurt, all these things add up to my taking this step toward changing my life.
I took my son with this evening, he rode his bike and I walked, we went about a mile and a half. The dogs handled this distance very well, little Bailey didn't need any rest breaks at all. Tomorrow I am on call, so I am going to have to get inventive in order to exercise.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 1 cont'd

found out that our mini Dachschund Bailey isn't up for a couple of mile brisk walk. Had to stop a couple of times so she could rest, those little feet have to take 4 steps to each one of mine.
After getting home and doing chores, I made supper, grilled chicken breast, salad with lettuce, carrots, celery, orange pepper and a little dressing. I also had a piece of Key Lime pie. Baby steps I guess, I have been attempting a life change for a long time, I just hope that by posting online, I have the commitment to continue.

Day 1

This being my first attempt at journaling my life, I hope I don't make to much of a mess of it.
First off, I LOVED the 80's!!! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED them! they were so good for my self esteem, I was popular, slimmer, prettier, more naive... and the music was terrific!
Now, present day, I am a shadow of my former self. I lack self confidence, I have gained more than 100 lbs, definitely don't feel pretty, and have discovered in incredible cynicism, I trust no one.
Now, this stops yesterday ( literally). I took my 4 yr old colt out for a walk down the trail, ( he is a handful). walked a mile. Then, it felt so good I took his pop out for a mile long walk also. This blog is a chronicle of my days exercising and the thoughts I have while doing so.
Today, the weather is in the 50's , it is Sunday, and I have done nothing but, chores this morning outside. I am out to walk now. Later.