Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 5

Got out and walked almost 2 miles today. Didn't do the eating thing so well though, I had ice cream again for supper, I have no will power!! I just love the stuff! I got up this morning to find Shom out and trying to make his way back into the pasture, and when I put him in his correct pasture, I looked and there were only 3 horses in that pasture, ( there should be 5) I started calling for Handsome since he was the one missing, and I happened to look over at the mare's pasture and there was this horse that didn't belong there looking at me with his ears up as if to say" here I am! " Sure enough, somehow Handsome had somehow found his way over to the mare pasture to have a little fun there! How do they do it!?? One more day and the weekend arrives, I am planning on keeping on track on Saturday, and having Sunday as my cheat day and no exercise day, but, we will see how it goes...

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