Wednesday, March 18, 2009

.Day 4

Day 4 with my life changes, I didn't walk or post yesterday, I was on call, and didn't feel like getting inventive with the walking ( ie; walking indoors). I did walk today though and obviously I am posting so, I am still on track. It takes 21 days for something to become a habit, so here I am, trying to make this a habit.
I love walking once I get out there and start doing it. I have a walking playlist on my iPod that includes Queen, The Weathergirls, Village People 10cc, The De Franco family, and a couple others from the 70's. I sat tonight while filling up the water tanks ( with the hose from the house since my hydrant is frozen) belting out " It's Raining Men" with the best of them!! I don't think the horses appreciated it, and I certainly hope my neighbors weren't listening!
I got Miracles ashes back today, the let me know Mocha's ashes would be back next week.
Matthew is still so sad, I am also, I guess I just let the tears run out of me Monday and last night, I don't cry as much now for our lost family members. I know we will see them again at the Rainbow Bridge.

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