Saturday, June 19, 2010


   Just getting home from ... *drum roll please... my first 5K!!!!!!!!!  yep I did it!!  I am thrilled and pleased as punch for me!!  This blog began as part of my weight loss journey, and it continues in that vein with a few forays into the rest of my life.   I never thought I would possibly be interested in attending let alone competing in a running(walking) race!   I have a goal now, and that is to complete an 8K in 2 years, this should give me plenty of time to train and condition myself for that kind of running.  I watched the 8K competitors, and man, did they have an incredible pace going!  It was poetry in motion to watch them run.  I love to watch superb athletes perform.  And to have an idea of the conditioning and training that goes into any competition is simply astounding!
    Speaking of watching poetry in motion, I announced my second show of the season last Sunday.  It was our annual Arabian Community Show that my friend and I have put on for the past 4 years.  We had some really lovely horses and horse/rider teams competing !  I have to mention this one gal since I saw her last year, and am totally in awe of her.  Last year when she competed the whole summer, she was also enduring chemotherapy, AND riding a green horse!  This is the level of commitment this woman had for the Arabian breed!  What a role model!  I can only hope to aspire to have half the courage and perseverance this person has!  Had the opportunity to speak to her this year, and let her know how much I admired her  quite modestly this person acknowledged my admiration, another point for her!  Humility is a humbling trait to see in others, I hope to learn from them.
   At this same show, I always have  at least 60 people telling me what to do and how to do my job of announcing.  My son was helping me in the announcer's box, and says, " Mom, you should say this, like this!"  I look at him ( with a Mom look no doubt) and say" Matt, I already have 60 people telling me how to do my job!"  His reply?  "Well, make that 61!".   Hmmmmm, wonder where he gets his sarcastic sense of humor from!??   Minutes later, a voice floats up from the entry booth, ( remember, I am already kind of tense about the announcing thing and everyone telling me what to do and how to do it!)  and it says," That has got to be the WORST announcer I have ever heard!"  Let me tell you, I whipped around in my chair to blast them both barrels with what they can do with their opinion.  My secretary is openmouthed, wondering what the heck I am going to do.  and lo and behold, there stands my brother and sister in-law grinning from ear to ear~!  He only thinks he is funny...  Well, family CAN tell me I suck, doesn't bother me, especially when I know they really don't mean it~!  Their girls (my nieces) competed with their QH in the open classes, they did quite well, I was very proud of them for the fine horsewomen they are becoming!  They are also quite competitive on the WSCA show circuit in the game events.  It is fun to watch them compete.  My brother enjoyed living vicariously through them so much that he went out and purchased his own game horse, and now he is quite competitive also!  Poetry in motion...  Superb athletes... Bet I could beat him  in a running race though...

Monday, June 7, 2010


   Well, both my horse and I are in training, ( I as you know from this blog have been working on improving my physical well-being for several months now.)  Sahib has been at the trainers for a month, and I am signed up for my first 5k coming up here in June.   Yes, you read that correctly, I am running/walking ( mostly walking I bet...) a 5 k!!!!!!!   Never ever thought I would even be interested in participating in something like this!!! I don't care if I am the last person over the finish line either, this is about challenging myself to try something new~!!!!!  More in depth conversations with myself to come!