Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Poem?

   Time for a new post something horsey themed I believe...:

   T'was the day before Christmas I awoke with a start, to the phone merrily clanging and the thud of the cat!  ( falling off my chest as I turned over to get the phone of course!) 
Away to the kitchen to answer said call,I bolted,
when what to my wondering eyes should I see, but 3 horses not in a place they should be!!!
They were merrily munching right jolly old things,
on their whole winters store of alfalfa and greens!
  I sprang into my clothes, to the dogs gave a whistle, and away we all flew like the down of my comforter ( which I knew was still warm from my fat sleeping frame...).   now I digress...
   I caught the old mare she was eager to please, and she went back in the paddock it was simple with ease!!!
   She raced through the pasture so gay and so proud, one never would know she was the eldest of the crowd~

The bay Moorish gelding ( Sahib), who needed no blanket ( he was fat and sassy and the straps are too short for his round little belly), was next at the gate and went peacefully in just awaiting his fate.

 Then came the younger chestnut mare, with the diabolical mind, her wits were much, much, much much quicker than mine.  She raced this way and that just avoiding the rope, and I swore and I cursed and quickly I saw it, my one opportunity, to catch this dang horse and get back to my bed!!
 ( okay that doesn't rhyme, but I'm telling a story here!).
   The rest of the horses how grateful they looked, patiently waiting for me to come feed them, the 3 silly horses, they needed no food, they only needed to have a good rest, and they found it quite nicely in the " time out" pen.

   I thought to myself as I mended the fence, " I don't need this!"  But that hasn't stopped my from keeping my horses just as safe as I can no matter the day, and they all wish you the Merriest of holidays today and tomorrow!