Sunday, April 26, 2009

Most embarrassing moments

I hope we can find some chuckles in our own most embarrassing moments. Here goes; I have an 18 yr old Arabian gelding who is Houdini reincarnated, he can escape any fence if there is no electricity on it, ( and he sniffs the electric fences to see if they are hot). One day, I had unplugged the fence charger to work on the fence, well, no sooner do I go to plug it back in again and the big goof ball went under the fence ( of course, he took a buddy with him), they decided to eat grass on the lawn, so I headed over to put them back in, thought nothing of it. But, they had other ideas... went galavanting down the Luce Line Trail at a gallop with me in hot pursuit ( for all of 100 feet) I decided I needed to call for reinforcements, and went into the house to call friends to help,( I watched them heading south a mile away). Ran out to my Jeep with a halter, lead rope and a bucket of grain ( bribery always works, so I thought) Got up to them in an alfalfa field with the grain, but, they wouldn't come close to me with a halter or lead in my hand, headed further south up the field. I jumped into my vehicle and followed by the road, tried it again without the halter and lead. Caught the bugger, but, then what to do? Took off my shirt and put that around his neck and led him without incident to my Jeep, Got a halter on him and was proceeding to put on my shirt when I get this feeling.... yup, a highway patrol right behind me. He gets out of his vehicle and asks if I need help, that he got a call from someone on the highway that it looked like I was in trouble ( which I was, grew about 60 gray hairs that minute), finish putting on my shirt, want to crawl into a hole and nonchalantly say, " no, I have these boys in hand now..." Worst part is, I wasn't wearing a bra that day!!!!!! Had to be the most embarrassing moment (so far) of my horsey life!

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  1. Jus found you through Dena , what a hoot !! That truly tops anything my horses have caused me to do


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