Thursday, February 4, 2010

Changing... clothes

   So,   tonight as I finish doing my horse chores out in the freezing rain/snow, I am looking forward to taking a hot bath.  Hot running water is at the top of my gratefulness list,  I really don't think I would have survived very long in pioneer times just for this fact.  I love my hot bath/shower!   Well, I get to thinking, I am done here with my chores and I want to go to the club to workout tonight before my son needs picking up from his field trip today.  So, it really makes no sense to take a hot bath or shower before working out now does it?  Then, I start to get irritated, I am thinking of the inordinate number of times I change clothes in a given day.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love my job and am endlessly thankful for the career path I was fortunate enough to follow.  But, since I work in surgery, this requires changing into scrubs as soon as I get to work.  So, a typical winter day for me looks kind of like this:
1.  Get up for day, put on chores clothes.

2.  After chores, shower, put on "regular" clothes.

3.  Get to work, change into scrubs.

4.  After work change back into " regular clothes".

5.  Come home from work, change into "workout clothes".

6.  After workout, change into "chores clothes" again.

7.  After chores, depending upon the evening, either change into "regular clothes" or take a bath/shower and
     put on "jammies".

  So, if I counted correctly, this makes 7 times I change clothes on any given work day.  This does not count the times I am on call and get called in ( sometimes more than once in the night...).
   So,  I am really irritated with the whole "clothing etiquette" thingie...   Why can't I wear my chores clothes to work out in?  Cuz they smell like horse, and maybe have a load of hay chaff on them, that is why...Then I would get the weird look and possible point when I am in the club sweatin...  Don't like that much.  I prefer to not stick out,  would rather blend in with the crowd.  So, I am going to change out of my "chores clothes" and into my "work out clothes" so I don't get the "weird person" stare. 
    I am fairly conservative now a days with my clothing choices.  My most risque, was this summer, when I broke both my arms, and couldn't wear a bra ( I was physically unable to fasten it), and there are some things you just don't ask an 11 yr old boy to do, even if he IS your son...
   So, I chose to go without a bra during some of my recovery,  you can't even imagine the feeling of accomplishment, when I was finally able to hook my bra!!!!   I look back on it now, and can laugh, but, when a person is obese, the bustline is usually much bigger than the average bear, and I was most embarrassed to have to be seen like this.   A friend of mine who also broke her arm this summer, can completely commiserate, and at one point, we both agreed, clothing is SO over-rated!!!  I was all for joining the "clothing optional" movement,  I blame the pain killers I was on for that.  There is no way in H E double hockey sticks this body is going anywhere "clothing optional"....
    So, I long for summer, when I only have to change clothes 3 times a day....   it is Feb. 4.
    So, now I am able to wear all appropriate clothing, and do so,  but, I am still slightly irritated by the fact that I have to change clothes so much. 

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  1. I go almost everywhere during the day in my barn clothes. I refuse to change to leave the house only to change again when I get home. So I get the look. I'm so used to it I don't notice anymore.


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