Tuesday, January 12, 2010


   One thing I just can't tolerate is lying.  I have absolutely no respect for someone who lies.  Zero. 

      This is the one drawback about the internet, and blogs.  A person can say anything they like about their home, their life, their experiences, and it can be a total fantasy or it can actually be the truth.  Why would a person want to make up lies about their life?   I totally don't get that.   Is it a cry for some attention?  This would be my first thought.

     I have been reading blogs about horses for some time now, and man, some of the stories I read on here.  You would think it should give people a heads up when a blogger talks one day about the western pleasure champions they have ridden ( in a dressage test, no less), and then the next talks about making a TB racing stallion into a jumper... wow... how many total years experience does a person have to accumulate to become that caliber of a trainer?   Because  I can personally state, that blogger, wanted to take a beginning dressage lesson with me, because ( and their words to me were)  they had never had a real riding lesson.  Just because someone talks the talk.... doesn't necessarily mean they "walk the walk".   Some people are literally able to soak up what they read and then apply it as knowledge, even if they know next to nothing about the subject personally.  This is very sad to me.  I have run into this type of person from time to time in my life, sadly I am not able to read these people right off the bat.  I wish I could, it would save me much stress in my life.    I wonder how blind folks are to this kind of crap?  Maybe it is because I know someone in real life, and the way their life really is.  I feel sorry for the folks sucked into these people's internet dramas.  It seems never ending...
    I happily,  can state this type of person is out of my life, and the stress in my life is cut in half.  I no longer have to worry about phone calls in the late evening, with some type of drams,  tearful messages because there is no money for hay/electricity/phone/ you name it...  

    I don't have time for liars, I feel compelled to state clearly my position again.  


  1. So is the Western Pleasure Dressage Show Jumping Queen moving??

    While no dressage test scores were available and no show jumping pictures could be found is it true teh horse hoarding lemonaide drinking polyester wearer is taking herself out of professed REscue Game or is just a "Pipe" dream.....

  2. You and I can only hope that is the case, I imagine bills didn't get paid AGAIN. That living within your means seems to be beyond some people. Of course, I am a 300+lb woman who rides my 700 lb 13.3 hand Arabians who are crippled... LOL!! Too Funny!!!
    And the statements she made about anything the judge said were laughable also. She TRIED to get a restraining order on me for hurting her feelings essentially, Guess what? CASE DISMISSED!!! LOL There was nothing more said than that, the girl she tried to pin ANOTHER restraining order on just after mine of the court docket had that case dismissed also! Truly a waste of everyone's time, except She Who Shall Not Be Named, all she does all day long is waste time, basically whining about something I imagine... Wonder who is getting all the half-truth phone calls now??

  3. Well inquiring minds want to know if she is moving to a bigger house or just to the BIG HOUSE.

    Giving up the Rescue fight or did they take her horses??

    While she was unreachable last weekend one of the people she had antagonised for some time had her horses tails chopped off, manes and forelocks cut. Fear was she took a road trip to far...


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