Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter boots

    Ever have a pair of old comfy shoes, you just love to slide your feet into??  I have several... ( yep, shoes are my thing!)    My favorite ( and currently only) pair of winter boots are like that.  They are Sorels, I purchased them about 10 years ago ( hey, when I find something I love, I hang onto it!).   They are the slip on kind, no laces.  Completely waterproof ( and snowproof), they are on my feet at least twice a day from the beginning of winter through spring.  I have often wished I could find the exact type of boot out there somewhere, and buy about 5 more pairs, so I can have those wonderful boots for the rest of my life!   The only thing I wish were  different would be that the leather upper would be slightly longer.   Many is the time I have been doing chores in the springtime ( hence the "mud zone") and have sunk into the mud higher than the top of my boots... I know many of you have suffered from this same happening in the springtime.  So, there I am, arms full of hay, boots sunk into mud over my shins, trying to balance with my legs splayed and arms immobile.   What do YOU think happens?   Yep, I lose my boots, ...   every time.   There I am, stocking footed trying not to let my foot go into the mud, hence now balancing one legged with my arms full of hay.. I should have been a juggler~!   feeling around with my foot, trying to find my errant boot is no picnic I can assure you.  Of course, I am not going to drop my load of hay!  Are you kidding me?  That stuff is worth its weight in gold!  Or so I am thinking...finally, success!  My toes find their way into my lost sunken treasure of a boot!  Now, to gingerly loosen the boot from its mud prison.   There is a certain art to removing a mud buried boot.  First, you have to understand that the foot can't continue moving in the same fashion as before mud binding.  That is always my first mistake,  I try to keep the impetus going.  Gravity always wins.  This is a given.  Nope, you have to stop, and physically concentrate on removing that boot from its prison.  This means, lifting the heel of the boot up first, you aren't going to get any where trying to pull the toe up,  you will just lose your boot again, ( ask me, I know)  then slowly, pulling your foot up out of the sucking ooze.  As a child I never could grasp that concept, and many times returned home from an adventure out in the field, bootless.  My mom or dad would just shake their  head at me, and make me go find my boots...
    My horses, don't understand why I should suddenly stop as I am bringing them their morning/evening rations, and queerly tip forward and backward, side to side, ( trying to prevent myself from falling with my boots sunk into the mud).  But, they are tolerant, they know their pet ( me) is  a strange soul, and they still love me anyway.
   Maybe this year, I will invest in a pair of those rubber boots though, I hear they are good in mud...
   But as for this winter, I still LOVE my WINTER BOOTS!!!!

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  1. You have lots of reasons to enjoy your winter boots besides it's still winter. I love your post. More power to you and your blog. Good luck!


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