Friday, August 27, 2010

leaves are changing

   Gosh, is it the end of summer already?   My how time passes!!  It seems I was just beginning my summer yesterday!  At least this year, I am healthy ( as in not injured) and free of the worthless baggage that used to hang around my life. 
   I have spent much of the summer doing horse shows.  No, not showing, I am "retired" from showing, but I announce shows now a days.  I like announcing, I think I do a good job, ( at least I try my best to do a good job), shows always compliment me after the day and usually ask me back for the following year.  I have 2 more shows to do this summer, and then I can officially call it the end of summer.  2 Weeks from now I am announcing the Arabian Open Shows Championship show in Lake Elmo.  I announced this show last year, and they liked my style so asked me back for this year.  I enjoyed the show, so many beautiful horses, and some worthwhile trainers and stables represented.  There is one stable that isn't a really huge name stable, but the owner/trainer always supports the community shows in the state and brings many young students along to these shows.  I hope that stable is there this year.  Their name is Regent Arabians and I have the utmost respect for this owner Doug.  He seems to be a nice man with some integrity.  That is something I highly value at this point in my life.  Honesty and integrity, that is all I ask of someone in order for me to count them as a person worthy of my respect.  My parents taught me that.  I am trying my best to pass on those self same values to my child.  I hate liars!  With a passion!!!!!  Why would someone spend their time making up stories?  Is it to make them seem more important?  I just don't get it...

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