Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well, well

   Well:   A hole with water in it, has always been my standard smart-ass comment, turns out, this IS true, but, some wells are better than others.   Our well, is among those that need replacing.  A friend of mine and I were discussing the amazing coincidence that our knowledge base increases with home ownership.  I would never have known what a "flowing well "was without being a home owner.   A flowing well is the same as an artisan well, ( which I always thought was a "good "thing) but, not all artisan wells are created alike.  Our well is a very shallow well, ( 27 ft with the top being 4 feet below ground level), I always knew it was shallow but, had no idea HOW shallow it really is. 
    It all started last Fri night, as I was doing chores, I heard a strange sound, like water running through a stream.  I shined the light on our well, and the water was gushing around the well like a fountain.  This didn't look good to me, so I headed inside and called a well company, of course, they wer not open, so I left a message, and then figured, I better shut off my well, but, first I called my friend who has recently had well problems, to see what she thought.  Her well knowledge has increased substantially the past couple of years also.  She felt if I were to shut off the well, I should also pop the circuit breakerto the water heater, so I didn't add insult to injury by also wearing out the elements on my hot water heater if the water were to drop in the  heater.  I hastened to do this since we all know how I feel about my hot water!!!  In case I haven't mentioned it before, I love, love, love hot running water!!!  so, now, the well is off, the hot water heater is off, but, there is enough water in the pressure tank to flush toilets and so forth.
   Called a well company, and explained what was going on.  He agreed with the measures presently being taken, and that I would be alright until Monday when I would not have to pay an emergency well call.  Monday, the well company was making arangements for repairing said well, and excavating company had come out and looked at the job, ( actually 2, because I called another friend of mine who works for an excavating company also and he came out and looked at the mess. 
Both excavating companies expressed concern for being able to dig out the well to repair the problem.  So, I call the well company again Monday night and talk to them about the reluctance of said excavators to do the work.  He decides to come out and take a look himself on Tues.  Low, and behold, between him and my excavator friend, they come to the conclusion that there isn't a hole in the well casing (that is what was orginally suspected), but, that the seal around the well pit itself has developed a leak.  Apparently, this is BAD.  About 8 grand bad...I have to have a new well, because groundwater can potentially seep into my well contaminating the water in it.  So, although there is plenty of water, and plenty of water pressure, there is no good water to drink.   As this isn't an emergency ( we can purchase bottled water),  I am going to save up a substantial amount ( hopefully, we all know about those "best laid plans"), and by fall, I can have a new well dug, and I won't owe the bank a fortune, along with wanting to make my annual "hay loan".  The banker I work with agrees, and was actually pleased that a well wasn't the 15 grand he pictured it would be...!

    Looking back on this week, I once again, have been educated in something I had not a clue about.  I guess this is a bonus of not living life with a sliver spoon in my mouth.  I am willing to learn new things, and every piece of knowledge I gain is a plus!  Life is good...

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