Monday, May 24, 2010

More changes

    I sold my Ortho-flex saddle, it was too small for my butt.  Found a girl who fits that 14 1/2" saddle just fine, and I gave her a great deal!  I was happy to do it too.  Found myself a new Ortho-flex, put an offer on it, ( half of what they were asking...) imagine my surprise when they accepted my offer!!!  Needless to say, called tha bank today for a "little loan"  I am excited to see if this saddle fits me better!   Love the Ortho-flex saddles though!!  My trainer/instructor has been letting my ride in her stitchdown... heavenly!!!   I am learning to post correctly, I am really enjoying my dressage lessons!!  Thanks to my instructor!!    Hopefully next year I will have the funds to also purchase a western Ortho-flex as well as the English equitation I just bought.  I am still not looking forward to getting back up on Sahib, but I know the time is nearing.  I am stronger in my core, and my balance and hopefully my balance recovery is faster!  I did ask the trainer to see if she could work with  Sahib and objects next to his side, ( when I fell last year, he got scared at seeing this object falling next to him and he ran.)   Her response?  LOL Well, she says to me, so you want me to prepare him in case you fall again??  it was funny at the time, my wording is no longer verbatim.
   Speaking of strengthening, I graduated from the 12 week weight management course put on by our hospital this evening!!!  Yay!!  I dropped 4% of my bmi!!!!    This is exciting for me!!! I am on the right track!  I knew my shape was changing,  just didn't know how much!  I have dropped at least 1 size in clothing, and that is also exciting!  I am not a clothes horse by any means, so I am not much for shopping, but I am going to celebrate by buying some new work out clothes!! 
   Our 12 week program celebrated tonight by having a potluck.  We all were to bring healthy recipes using the skills we learned over the past 12 weeks.  I brought homemade organic cracked wheat bread, and some of my honey!!  It was a definite hit!   Funny how in this heat, the yeast really rises quickly!!  I had that bread made from start to finish in 3 hours! I also have made some ( hopefully ) lasting friendships within this group of positive role models!!  As we got to know each other, we really had fun!  It was rather uncomfortable at our first meetings to try to do things together, but as time passed, our rapport strengthened.  Now, I am comfortable ribbing one of my new friends in the hall at work or just even saying hi out in the world...  ( in my opinion, the act of greeting people out on the street, even total strangers  is becoming a lost art...)  There were some delicious foods there tonight.  a few examples:  sandwiches with sliced turkey, apple, spinach and mustard,  whole wheat tortillas spread with natural peanut butter and sliced strawberries,   a wonderful potato salad with italian dressing instead of mayo, a vegetable salad with green beans, red onions, cherry tomatoes, Italian dressing and feta cheese, an orange salad with cottage cheese mandarin oranges, sugar free jello, and whipped cream, and this terrifc torte with angel food cake, layered with butterscotch pudding, whipped cream, and sliced almonds.Quite a feast!! I can't wait to try some of these foods here at home!
     My honey was a hit also, and several people from the group asked me to let them know when I will have more available this year!
   Some day I will get back to writing my funny tales, but until then I am suffering from boring writer syndrome, so all my faithful readers are reduced to reading my boring drivel.  But hey, at least I am not lying!!!

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