Monday, April 26, 2010

Tuning in and turning off

     Just got home from my weekly weight management meeting.  Tonight along with some heavy duty working out, the dietitians grilled some delicious food for us.  The funny thing about food is, it ALWAYS tastes better when someone else prepares it!  Even a peanut butter sandwich is so much better when someone else has made it for me!  What does that mean?? 
   Tonight, they grilled Tilapia with fresh herbs, parsnips and carrots seasoned with lemon zest, some Mrs. Dash, olive oil and after grilling topped with cilantro!  It was delish!!And the crowning touch was grilled fruit!  I never imagined mixing Mango with blueberries and grilling them!!  But, it was quite a taste sensation for me,  I though, love Mangos!  Blueberries, not so much... I am learning though to like them as well. 
   The workout was a killer and it was all done with items one has around the house, no need for a gym membership!  And I have to say, I was sweating with the best of them in that 25 minute workout!  I feel so good though, cuz I can keep up with the fittest people in our class!  I know my voyages to the club are paying off in spades!!!  I am still trying to work out at least 5 days a week, often I find my week days are too busy to fit in a visit to the club, so then my weekends have to take up the slack.  I had originally intended to work out all 7 days per week, but realistically even getting in 5 is sometimes a struggle.  My hardest days are when my son also has a lesson planned for that day.  For instance, Tues are really impossible since he has guitar lessons @ 4 pm, and I don't like to make more than one trip into town per day,  this means, I have his guitar with me at work, and then need to get him to guitar by 4  and since the lseeon is only 1/2 hour, there isn't time for me to get to the club and even get my cardio done before it is time to pick him up from guitar.  Sadly, this gym doesn't allow children under 16 to have a membership so  Matt can't even work out there while I am exercising...Next year when my contract is up, I am switching to the other gym in town that DOES allow children to exercise...  Until then, Tuesdays will continue to be a struggle I guess.
     Love my personal trainer though, what a great guy!  Totally motivating!  I have not found working out to be fun yet, but he has promised me I will.  Until then, it is a necessary evil...
    On a great note, my fitness level increasing has made a difference in my horsemanship ( I think),  and last week during my lesson, I got to work on posting!!  I was always told I suck at posting, so I never really did it much, learned to ride a sitting trot ( probably not well, but I did it...)  I was quite pleased to hear my instructor say, I could be posint with no stirrups in no time!!  I know, killer but I love hearing that I can do things I never thought my obese shape could possibly do!  This is a comforting thought!
       On another note, my bees arrive next weekend!!! Yay!!  I have added one more hive, and am keeping that in another location, first to spread the pollination around, second, because one of my neighbors has expressed an interest in keeping bees so hands on is the only good way to learn about beekeeping!  Last year, I had around 8 gallons of honey from my 2 hives, this year, the bees have a head start since they don't have to build the comb, they can instantly start gathering nectar and pollen to make honey with!!  How exciting!!  Oh yeah, I am definitely NOT allergic to bees, contrary to another blog statement...  I have had my Dr prescribe an epi pen though, just in case.   My mentors are very helpful and always willing to answer my questions.  We have been busy building bee boxes, and painting them!  This time my third hive is going to be white,  so I have a pink hive, a green hive and a white hive!  Next year I hope to  add a couple more hives again!  Keeping the bees alive is the challenge here in Minnesota, most of the beekeepers I have visited with lost at least half of their hives most of us lost all our bees, no wonder there is a definite shortage of pollinators in the world!  We have to figure out a way to keep these bees alive through a Minnesota winter!  My mentors are working on breeding a hardy queen that can withstand the rigors of a harsh winter here in MN.  I hope they are able to develop such a queen!  Anyway,  I am just tuning in to working out and turning off the junk food channel in my brain!  Celebrating and wanting to share my victories, and my joy!

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  1. I'm happy to hear you are doing well. It is a struggle and one I have as well. For me it's not junk food because I don't eat it. Not at all. It's a menopausal metabolism and a love of good food. Bad combo.

    I still like the idea of keeping bees, but the initial investment as well as the commitment have stopped me from doing so. I don't like to do something I don't feel confident about.


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